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Early Church Membership Record: Starting in 1852, the RLDS Church minutes and membership records were written down in a series of books. This continued up until the 1920's when a new way of tracking membership was introduced. Book A to Book M can be found at the Community Of Christ Library / Archives on microfilm.
Elders' Journal: published from 1837 to 1838 in Kirtland Ohio and Far West, Missouri.
The Ensign: Published in Buffalo, Scott County Indian Territory by G. M. Hinkle and F.A.C. Forman. The editor was William E. McLellin. One volume was published with twelve numbers from 1845 to 1846.
Ensign Circulating Library: Vest pocket edition of tracts that were published quarterly at Independence, Missouri by the Ensign Publishing House.
Ensign Of Liberty Of The Church Of Christ: Published from March 1847 to August 1849 at Kirtland, Ohio, USA.
The Envoy: Published in London, England from 1926 to 1927. Editors were Abel Hall and J. W. Foster.
Equality: Published in Independence, Missouri, USA by the Order of Enoch. Volume 1 number 1 was dated March 20, 1910.
The Evening And The Morning Star: Originally published from 1832 to 1834; first at Independence, Missouri and then at Kirtland, Ohio after the press was destroyed by a mob in Independence. The publication was later reprinted and corrected in Kirtland, Ohio. Click here for more information.
Evening And Morning Star Church Of Christ Temple Lot: The name of The Searchlight was changed to Evening And Morning Star in June 1900. This was published by the Church of Christ Temple Lot (Hedrickites). It was published in Independence until 1914.
The Expositor: Published at Oakland, California, USA from January 1885 to November 1888. Edited by Hiram P. Brown.
Expositor (Nauvoo Expositor)

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