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Melchisedek and Aaronic Herald: published from 1849 to 1850 by Isaac Sheen (also spelled Melchisedic & Melchisedeck)
The Messenger: published from 1874 to 1877 in Utah. Publication was edited and published by Apostle Jason W. Briggs.
Messenger And Advocate Of The Church Of Christ (Rigdon): published from 1844 to 1846
The Messenger Of Truth: This publication was a successor to The Return. It was published in Independence, Missouri, USA from October 1900 to April 1901.
The Millennial Star: published from 1840 into the 20th century
The Mormon: Weekly newspaper published in New York, USA. The editor was John Taylor. A Prospectus was published in early 1855. Volume 1 began in February 1855 and continued to February 16, 1856. Volume 2 began February 23, 1856.

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