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Unity or The Unity: published from September 5, 1914 to October 1918. It was a Journal for the Priesthood of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Unity, 1914 (PDF) Unity, 1914 (PDF)
edited by G. E. Harrington
4 pages. Unity was introduced by the Independence Stake President for the various Quorums for study, teaching and meetings, "to qualify them for work among the membership and the world. This publication was later renamed "The Unity," then renamed "One," and finally "The Priesthood Journal."
Unity, vol. 1, 1915 (PDF) Unity, vol. 1, 1915 (PDF)
edited by G. E. Harrington
48 pages. A Journal in the interest of the Priesthood of the Independence Stake of the RLDS Church. Articles include Long Preaching: Its Effect, High Priests by J. A. Tanner, The Difference In Ways To Overcome Bad Habits, Origin Of Priesthood, Discipline by Joseph Smith III, The Sabbath, and many more.

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