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Subject: Baptism
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Baptism - The Door To The Kingdom [Audio Sermon] Baptism - The Door To The Kingdom [Audio Sermon], n.d. (mp3)
by Evan A. Fry
15 minute sermon by Evan A. Fry on Baptism. "About no other ordinance or doctrine of the Christian church is there so much disagreement, so much argument, or so much scoffing indifference, as there is about the ordinance of baptism...All Christians are agreed on one thing; that man is powerless to save himself, and that salvation is to be had only in and through the atonement of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Man cannot save himself. He is helpless, completely dependent on Christ for his salvation. Therefore he is in no position to dictate the terms on which he will be saved. Christ, the only person who can save him, dictates the terms. To try to change them to suit the individual fancy, or simply to ignore them scornfully and still expect a full salvation, is rebellion. It is an expression of the very attitude which sinful man must repent of and discard if he expects the atonement of Christ to be effective for him."
Baptism - The Second Birth [Audio Sermon] Baptism - The Second Birth [Audio Sermon], n.d. (mp3)
by Evan A. Fry
16 minute sermon by Evan A. Fry on Baptism. Brother Fry states, "Ye must be born again! It takes a new man, a new creature in Christ Jesus, to live a new life. If we are ever to have that brave new world about which prophets and seers and statesmen have dreamed, we can have it, not by changing the world but by changing ourselves. Men who are unregenerate, who live by their carnal, sinful nature, simply take all the wealth, the science, the invention, and the education which we have devised in this enlightened age and turn it to hellish and destructive purposes, or use it as a means of exploiting each other… Things in themselves are neither good or bad. They become good or bad only as they are used for good or evil purposes by good or evil men. A race of reborn men, who had repented of their sin, covenanted in baptism to serve Christ, and then received of his life, his Spirit, could take the same materials, the same inventions, the same scientific achievements which are making our world a hell today, and make the world a heaven almost overnight. The responsibility for today's world lies not in the things which surround us, but in ourselves, in the character of men everywhere who need to be born again from above."
Is Water Baptism Essential To Salvation?, [The Gospel Banner vol. 8 no. 1 extra A], 1901 (PDF) Is Water Baptism Essential To Salvation?, [The Gospel Banner vol. 8 no. 1 extra A], 1901 (PDF)
by Joseph Luff
see also The Gospel Banner
24 page tract on the necessity of water baptism for salvation. Brother Luff states, "To us, this question sounds about the same as would the inquiry, 'Is faith in God necessary?' We cannot understand why it should be asked by persons who have read the Bible carefully for themselves; but it is being asked, and that, too, by honest and intelligent persons. Hence we venture a very plain answer, and a few plain reasons for that answer. We shall use the Bible in so doing, believing that God's word will be taken in preference to ours. Our answer is, 'Yes, water baptism is essential to salvation.'"
When A Light Descended, A Missionary Experience [from Autumn Leaves volume 37] When A Light Descended, A Missionary Experience [from Autumn Leaves volume 37], 1924 (PDF)**
by William P. Bootman
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