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Subject: Zion
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Zion Builders' Sermons, 1921 Zion Builders' Sermons, 1921 (PDF)
by Elbert A. Smith
A series of sermons by President Elbert A. Smith of the RLDS Church, given during Zion Builder Services at Lamoni, Iowa and Independence, Missouri, USA between March and June 1921. Topics include Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Laying On Of Hands, The Resurrection And The Eternal Judgment, The Restoration, Our Spiritual Inheritance and Fundamentals. 118 pages total.
Zion's Christian Legion Zion's Christian Legion, n.d. (PDF)
by D. T. Williams
Pamphlet discusses the history, organization and objectives, nomination and election of officers, finances, initiation and how to organize a division of Zion's Christian Legion. "Zion is the goal of this people and the youth of the church are anxious to see something done looking in this direction. Are they visionary and impractical? Then so were the prophets both ancient and modern. This one thing the coming generation recognizes, that nothing can be accomplished toward the building of this long-looked for economic order set out in the law and the prophets until the church, the chief instrument of its realization, frees herself from the hindrances that now prevent her progress. Long we have talked about making Zion Builders out of our young people. But the processes we have been proposing will never of themselves produce them."

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